My Story

My hands-on experience working with my father on our family’s home and many components at his restaurant has added valuable knowledge, a hard work ethic, and a well-rounded background in repairing and remodeling both commercial and residential systems. My experience working in my father’s diner has taught me the value of customer service and treating each and every client like they are friends or family. Customer service is my top priority.


My Approach

I am a dedicated professional Home Inspector, in good standing with InterNACHI. I am a Home Inspector who will crawl in any crawl space and walk any roof, so long as they are safe. If the roof is unsafe, I will climb the ladder to uncover any problem areas and fully inspect the roof. If the crawlspace in not accessible I will use state of the art equipment to get the best view I can. If your house has a finished basement, I will use my moisture meter and thermal imaging camera to take a better look at the foundation walls. I will spend as much time as needed to fully and objectively look over your property for any visible safety hazards, any items in need of repair or replacement, or any amateurish work done by the previous owner. If you need a Radon Inspection, I do that too. I am a certified Home Inspector, who takes pride in providing the best possible experience for his clients.


Your report is always delivered within 24 hours of the Home Inspection, and it will include many pictures showing you the different components in the home, as well as any material defects that were uncovered during the inspection. I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, with HomeHubZone software, to record information in the field. The easy to read report will be emailed to you, including any relevant maintenance manuals or safety recalls. You will also receive a free copy of "Now That You've Had A Home Inspection". InterNACHI's home maintenance book guides you through the systems of a typical house, how they work, how to maintain them and how to save energy.

 My Promise to You

My Promise to you is that I will inspect your new home as if I were purchasing it for myself. I ensure that strict Standards of Practice are followed and that I will abide by the InterNACHI Code of Ethics at all times. I will remain honest, fair, and unbiased at all times during the inspection process, and will spend as much extra time as needed to make you feel comfortable with the purchase of your new home. I will do my very best on every home inspection, and strive to make sure every client of mine is completely satisfied with the work I do. I promise quality, precision, and a thorough home inspection.

Next Steps...

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